We will tell you how to restore hair health and beauty.

An anti-thinning product

Thinning hair is a common problem in which the hair not only decreases in diameter but also becomes brittle and thin so that the scalp begins to shine through. Vichy released a range of Dercos Densi-Solutions (shampoo, balm, and serum) for all who has such hair problems. They promise that hair will be restored in six weeks of regular use and will be more bulky, strong and durable. The favorite one is a serum that promises to add a volume to hair after the first application, and in six weeks it is guaranteed to increase hair growth. Such a miracle is possible due to two molecules – stexoxidine, which stimulates growth, and resveratrol, which stimulates stexoxidine – enhances its action and at the same time works as an antioxidant.

Hair loss remedy

Hair loss is often a signal of the body about a disease or an increased level of stress. Therefore, instead of each time panicking, seeing the amount of hair on the comb, it is better to spend an hour to visit the doctor and undergo a medical examination. But it`s also recommended to do a home care. Choose the means explicitly created for the hair with your problem, and do not forget to pay attention to the scalp. Forget about aggressive scrubs – instead of them, it is better to take a soft lotion, like Energizing Lotion Complex from Lisap Milano with soy peptides, amino acids, B group vitamins and other ingredients. Such a product enhances cellular metabolism and awakens sleeping bulbs.

Anti-dandruff remedy

Dandruff is an unpleasant thing that can seriously spoil a life: sometimes it becomes so noticeable that people are afraid to put on black things. Of course, it`s better to solve the problem once you have discovered it, rather than hoping that “somehow it will pass by itself.” But even if you missed the moment, and now suffer from itching on the head and large white scales that spoil your appearance, there is a solution. You need shampoos with a strong effect, and they are available not only in pharmacies but also in  usual shops. Head & Shoulders, who, incidentally, opened a fungus that causes dandruff, recently released two Clinical Solutions shampoos: for the oily and dry scalp. They contain 1% selenium sulfide, which is used in the treatment of dandruff, dermatitis, seborrhea.