1. A la naturel
One of the main trends in the eyebrow designing is a gradual transition from big and fluffy eyebrows to thick and well-formed ones. Thick and untouched natural eyebrows are popular this season. You can recognize natural eyebrows by their shape: a small arch and a slightly rounded tip.

2. Ombre eyebrows
The main feature of this trend is a particular technique of eyebrow tinting. In this case, the tone of the eyebrows gradually changes from a light shade to a darker one (while a lighter tone remains at the base, turning to dark shades on the tip). Such eyebrows create the desired natural look.

3. Bleached eyebrows
Bleached eyebrows replaced bright colored accents and became a trend. According to this, you need not only to whiten your eyebrows, but also to refrain from drawing the contour of the eyebrows. Ideal format: when you can get the effect of a “naked face” so that the border of applying the shadows goes beyond the eyelids. It is not necessary to lighten the eyebrows to milk foam: try to make the tone slightly lighter than natural color to be on trend. Important nuance: this technique attract attention to all the features of the face and emphasizes the forehead!

4. Boy’s eyebrows
Another popular format: the eyebrows that are thick and natural in width, resembling the shape of boy’s eyebrows. The main emphasis is on the top line, which should be perfectly straight.

5. Casual eyebrows
This trend appeared in contrast to permanent makeup. In this case, the eyebrows look uncorrected, and in some places, even blank spaces are visible (as if the hairs do not grow).
However, this carelessness is fictitious, and you still need to take care of such eyebrows: when modeling, remove only unnecessary hairs, and emphasize the shape with a gel, combing the hairs slightly upward.