Our beauty editor Anastasia Mironova talks about her favorite beauty tools.

The antiperspirant “Bright bouquet” from Rexona

Everyone has their preferences for deodorants and antiperspirants: someone likes roll-on deodorants, someone – aerosols. I do not really like aerosols because of their size, and I suppose there are few girls like me. So if the “Bright bouquet” from Rexona did not appear in roll-on format, I would not have tried it. First of all, it perfectly protects from perspiration. At the same time, I do not have problems with the raised diaphoresis. Secondly, it smells good. Of course, not everyone will like it. But I think most of us have days when you do not have the mood to use perfume, but you want to smell fresh. And Rexona smells sweet – strawberries, apricots, magnolia, lilies of the valley, jasmine – you can choose the best for you.

The shower gel “Scrub-scrub”, Lush

My favorite for many years! And every time I go to Lush searching something new, I choose only this – because I cannot find something better than this gel. It is based on a mineral sea salt, which gently scrubs the skin. Also, it smells so nice as if you standing near the sea! But if you have small scratches and cuts on the body, it can pinch. The gel also contains lemon juice and oranges. They give a very fresh and invigorating aroma. As a real fan of this tool, I even wash head with this gel. The result is perfect: hair shines and pleasantly smells.

The Lip Gloss Eclat Minute, Clarins

Once, I asked the international make-up stylist of Clarins Olga Komrakova to advise cool and universal gift for my friend. She recommended the lip gloss of Eclat Minute. I’ve been using Eclat Minute for several years from that time. I like how it cares for lips and gives them an amazingly well-groomed look – due to its proper pigment and a very natural shine. Also, it has a light aroma, a pleasantly creamy texture.