No matter how much you are good in skateboarding as you definitely need protective gear whenever you’re out on your skateboard. Whether you are professional or a teenager if you are looking to join skateboarding then it’s very important to find a good helmet for skateboarding. We know lots of kids thinks this is not cool or trendy to wear the helmets so they skip it but it is really dangers as it can cause really serious head injuries. So we can’t compromise with our safety just to look cool and trendy. That’s why skateboarding helmets are necessary.
When it comes to buying buying protective gear one should not look for “deals” or “sales” because these is all for your own safety. But also wasting lots of money on a simple helmet is also full of foolishness. So here we are sharing the Best Skateboarding Helmets 2016 Under $100. Whenever it comes to buy a product everyone looks for the reviews and features about that product. So if you are going to buy great quality skateboard helmet, then it is the must point to check that how well a model is rated regarding safety compared to the price point. Also you have to take care about the weight and tightness of that helmet. Also if the colors and style of the helmet is also good then it would be cool as kids will like it and they will wear it just to look cool. Now here just to help you find good and affordable protective skateboarding helmet, we collected a list of the ten best skateboarding helmets under $100. Have a look and select one now 🙂

10. Critical Cycles Classic Skate Helmet

Critical Cycles Classic Commuter skate helmet is a great solution to your safety when skateboarding. It has simplistic design and it comes at very low price. It offers you all the protection which you need when you go on your skating adventures. It has all features like satisfying, protective and comfortable. With 11 vents positioned around the top of this helmet, which is available in six sleek matte colors and three sizes, this super fly, super stylish helmet will keep you feeling as cool as you look.

9. Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet

This helmets comes with classic design and is one of the most popular skateboard helmets in the market. This helmet is very strong and it will keep your head safe from unwanted serious accidents while skateboarding. It’s really a nice option to consider if you are looking to purchase a high quality model of skateboard helmet. Also if you are looking for a helmet that can offers both quality and great value for money, then no doubt helmet is one of the best choices you have.

8. Pro-tec Street Lite Helmet

You will enjoy one of the best use experiences once you buy this helmet. It is a high quality design, CPSC-approved helmet and it’s an ultra-light in-mold technology without compromising your safety. For your great comfort it come with classic style and it 30% lighter then other helmets and they done it through fusing the molded shell with the EPS liner. So it will not affect that much when you jump or speed down the ramps. It will not weight you down so you will enjoy more your skateboarding.

7. Pro-Tec Original Classic Certified Skate Helmet

This is the one of the top rated skateboard helmets in this list and it comes at affordable price. If you are looking for a helmet which is well proven and tested safety and quality standards then this helmet is best choice for you. This helmet is made of premium-grade plastic to offer durability and long time value. If comes with ABS shell which is hard and will protect your head from accident. It’s 11 large vents improve flow-through air channeling to keep the wearer cool during intense action sports. It comes in 14 different colors and shades and it has been made using high-quality EPS liners for your comfort.

6. Bell Segment Multi-Sport Helmet

This helmet is one of the best helmets in the market and it is a highly advanced multi-sport model of helmet which fits most heads of circumferences from 22.75 to 24.75 inches. It comes with ABS plastic for durablity, ergonomic design to ensure a comfortable fit on the head and the segmented EPS liner offers good support and makes it comfortable & breathable. It contain 8 cooling vents for the cooling effect and who wear it can easily move his/her head while using it. The Bell Segment is ASTM and BMX certified, it has flexible flight design for orienting your head motion.

5. Pro-Tec Classic Bucky Skate Helmet

It’s a Two-stage soft foam skateboard helmet and comes at very low price. It’s very Lightweight helmet that comes with unique style and it’s easily adjustable, nylon webbed straps. The PROTEC Original Bucky shell has 11 strategically placed vents. Each one does its part to exhaust hot air out, and bring cold air in, to keep you cooler & drier. It comes with HDPE shell and it is made with a flexible, form fitting ,high-density polyethylene to fit a broad range of head shapes. Not only that it is one of the top rated skateboarding helmets. The plush moisture wicking liner and fabric prevents dripping sweat, allowing wearer to stay drier and focus.

4. Krash Vector Victor Helmet

I know you are amazed by it’s design as it is really cool and rocking design. Krash is a very reputable maker of top performance helmets and there vector victor product is also very famous in the market. It is CPSC & ASTM certified and it comes with high-quality ABS material. This helmet also provides premium comfort and proper cooling through its air vents. This molded 3D helmet design will rock every kid’s world and they will be also safe from any kind of head accident while skateboarding. It also comes with high-quality nylon straps for a better fit.

3. Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet

Wait, I am not repeating the same product as it’s different from the first ones that I already shared above. Yes this intuitively designed skateboard helmet’s weighs is just 425 grams only. No doubt this skateboard helmet is very stylish and very study and durable. It comes with an excellent shock-absorbing ABS premium plastic shell, a high quality dual-density EPS foam liner helps to provide great support while keeping users incredibly safe and comfortable. Not only that it is ASTM and CE-certified product and comes with 12 vents to keep cooling. The helmet can also fit several head sizes.

2. Razor V-17 Multi-Sport Youth Helmet

This helmet comes in 14 different colors and styles and most interesting thing is that this helmet is very cool looking in design and quality of this helmet is also too good. The design is also among the best in the industry and almost everyone like this helmet’s design and quality. It’s a multi sport helmet so you can use it while skateboarding, cycling, biking, skating, and more. It’s 17 top and side vents help rider keep a cool head on hot days and this helmet is specially for the children from 8 to 14 years. It fits head sizes 21.5 to 23 inches, its side-release buckles are very easy to adjust and it is best for head’s protection.

1. Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet

This is top rated and best skateboarding helmet in the market in today’s. If you are looking to buy professional, good looking, stylish, affordable and protective skating helmet, then this helmet is for you. As this helmet is made of premium-grade rubber and also features a novel sweat-saver for keeping your head cool and the interior odor-free. It comes with a side-cut helmet design and very easily adjustable to fit every user comfortably. As it’s weight is also very light hence it will not affect your sporting performance but this helmet is not for bicycling. It is very light, affordable and comes for youth and adult sizes to serve different ages and sizes.

So viewers this is the list of Top 10 Best Skateboarding Helmets 2016 Under $100. If you want to buy the best and affordable skateboarding helmets then believe me these are the best choices and you can compare and get one for you. You should buy one now as head is our most important part 😛 So select one and buy it now. You can go with the 1. as it is very cool and comes at low price. If you select any other of these please share below for others.