Sometimes on the procedure of chemical peeling women want to stand up and go away. The reasons can be different: from the banal and unpleasant feeling of tingling to the feeling that the skin is ripped off the face. But we always reassure ourselves that the result is worth it. And secretly hope scientists will invent a more humane method of skin renewal. And so, it happens: the market has a new procedure from iSystem – the result of the work of Russian and Italian scientists. It has everything that people dreamed about with a low threshold of sensitivity.

The essence of the procedure

During the procedure, the doctor chooses mask formula individually for each client. This includes three components:
base gel iMatrix (consists of peptides – powerful stimulators for cellular activity),
four hydroxy acids Lit care (each for a different effect),
five innovative bio-complexes Vit care (for moisturizing, protecting and regenerating the skin).
What exactly from this list will be in your mask and in what proportions depends on the doctor. As long as the mask is prepared, it is immediately applied to the face. The delay can spoil everything – the mask quickly thickens and freezes. The time of the procedure is 35 minutes.
Peptides, acids and biologically active substances in the mask work not only in the upper layers of the skin but reach the papillary dermis. Someone thinks that this is impossible without a needle. But modern formulas based on the action of peptides can easily penetrate deep into the interior.

The effect of the new procedure

Firstly, the effect of the new procedure is comparable to the median chemical peel (!). But no burning sensation, no redness, no peeling. The concentration of acids here is the same as in traditional peeling. A competent combination of all the ingredients smooths out the aggressive reaction and gives many additional effects. This is the golden mean between maximum efficiency and comfort.
Secondly, you can carry out the procedure at any time of the year.
Thirdly, after the procedure fibroblasts begin to actively produce collagen and elastin. This means that the elasticity of the skin is higher and wrinkles are equalized. Also, this method can quickly deal with hyperpigmentation, seborrhea, couperose, acne and dry skin. However, to achieve visible changes, one procedure is not enough, you should take the full course.