Nowadays there a lot of people who don`t afraid to go to the dental clinic every six months, moreover they also tend to do it more often. Сlinics offer many procedures that are quick and completely painless to make a Hollywood smile. However, not always such frequent visits to the dentist bring real benefits to teeth. Our expert Vladimir Shipkov, the chief doctor of the Clinic of Dr. Shipkov, identified main procedures that should not be abused.

Frequent toothbrushing

Teeth cleaning is recommended to do twice a day: in the morning and before going to bed – this fact is well known to everyone. This habitual action helps to prevent caries, keeps teeth beautiful and healthy.

But brushing teeth too often can be harmful. It can strip away the protective enamel and damage gums. The procedure of teeth cleaning at home should not be frequent! It should be regular. The interval between each cleaning should be approximately 12 hours.

A teeth-whitening

A professional teeth-whitening is the only option for many people to get rid of yellowness and age spots. Today, this procedure is available to all. You don’t need to save money for years to afford yourself teeth-whitening. That`s why there is a delusion that everyone can afford to drink coffee in huge quantities without consequences. It’s a big mistake!

In professional whitening, it is also important not to overdo it. Firstly, this procedure is allowed for those who is 16+. Otherwise, this can lead to unpleasant consequences. A teeth-whitening is not advised to do more than once in six months. And do not abuse home whitening procedures. Enamel can be damaged, teeth sensitivity can be increased and even inflammation of the dental nerve cannot be avoided.

Fluoride therapy

The procedure of fluoridation is necessary to prevent dental caries after professional teeth-cleaning with the increased sensitivity of teeth. A fluoridation can be either simple or deep. However, the problem is that fluoride is not rapidly excreted from the body, and, moreover, has a feature to accumulate in bones or teeth. A dental fluorosis causes serious cosmetic and functional damage to teeth. It is proven by scientists. Experts advise doing this procedure, not more than once a year.

Dental veneers

Veneers – the love of almost all the stars of show business. They make a beautiful smooth appearance to the front teeth. Veneers usually require two or three visits. During the first visit, the doctor removes a thin layer of enamel from teeth to make dental impressions. Obtained impressions are given to the laboratory for the creation of a temporary and then permanent ceramic enamel lining – veneers themselves. After installation, veneers are completely invisible on teeth. But you cannot abandon veneers after installation because teeth are a little damaged after the procedure.
Composite veneers are advised to change after 5-8 years of using. In fact, their term is 3-5 years. The period of using ceramic veneers or lumineers is 20 years.

Nerve removal without a need

It may seem strange, but among residents of big cities, there are those who prefer to remove the nerve of a slightly troubling tooth, in order not to waste time on its treatment. There is an opinion that it is better to immediately get rid of a problem that has not even manifested itself. By the way, people who do not want to spend money on several visits to the dentist do the same. The idea is this: it’s better to pay for one procedure and not to suffer. Is it worth talking that such operations cannot be abused? The tooth without a nerve becomes fragile. In the future, you will spend money to put a crown on this tooth. Every professional dentist tries to keep the tooth alive as long as possible.