If you think that only bad habits spoil your health and appearance, you are mistaken. Every day we do the same things and do not even guess how harmful they are to our skin. Let`s investigate what we are doing wrong.

Habit #1: We sleep on a stomach placing face directly on the pillow

There is a simple beauty rule: “If you want to have a face without wrinkles, sleep on your back.” There is a simple explanation for this. At a certain age, usually from the age of 25, the processes of regeneration and renewal of cells begin to slow down. In other words, we are getting old. Over the years, less and less collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are synthesized in our skin. It seems that the skin restores slowlier. Wrinkles and folds that appear after sleeping begin to smooth much longer. You probably noticed that if the cheek or the face touches the pillow, wrinkles immediately appear in the eyelid zone and on a face at all. And the more often you sleep in this position, the more difficult it is for the skin to return to its original condition. Only mesotherapy and fillers can improve the skin after it, but even with them, you will have to change your habits, if you want the effect lasted longer.

Habit #2: Drinking with a straw

It is considered to be, that the main thing is what we drink, not how. But experts have another opinion. Absorbing liquid with a straw, we are forced to stretch lips. Unfortunately, this grimace provokes the appearance of wrinkles around them. But what about the dentists who say that the acid in freshly squeezed juice is destructive for teeth? They say that the straw, in this case, minimizes the risk of damaging the enamel. There is a way out: it is easy to get rid of acidic residues by simply rinsing the mouth with water after drinking. But such a trick does not work with wrinkles. Therefore, until the situation has reached a critical level, it’s time to quit the habit of drinking through a straw.


Habit # 3: Overeating sweets

Yes, sugar can manipulate us. When we are in a bad mood, we reach for a tile of chocolate or a packet of cookies. In fact, we know that all this will turn into fat, but weight increasing doesn`t stop us. But the thing is that custard, condensed milk and other creations of cookery can provoke appearance of spots. In our opinion, this is a reason to stop overeating sweets. The fact is that excessive consumption of sugar increases the activity of the sebaceous glands, and these are excellent conditions for the “colonization” and reproduction of microbes. Especially if you often touch your face with your hands. So it’s in your interest to overcome this habit.


Habit # 4: Touching face with hands

Supporting chin, scratching nose – all of this provokes the migration of microbes from hands to the face. As a result, bacteria enter the pores of the skin and cause inflammation.

They say that the problem can be solved by the neurologist, as the anxious state is manifested that way. Are you ready to argue against this? Prove the opposite, quit this dirty habit.


Habit # 5: We often use an antiseptic

The popularity of antiseptics is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, in a metropolis, every square centimeter is inhabited by bacteria, and mobile sanitation of hands will help to neutralize this hidden threat. But the line between reasonable and excessive hygiene is thin and transparent. Some of us pour liters of antiseptic for no reason. As a result, an alcohol in each jar destroys the hydrolipid layer (it covers our entire skin), and as a result, it provokes the dryness of the skin. And the natural skin protective barrier disappears to protect us from all unnecessary as well. In other words, the immunity of the skin falls.