How to properly sunbathe to get a golden hue and not to get a hyperpigmentation or other health problem? Our expert, General Director of Mesolab Cosmetics, Melissa Gilbert, answered 5 important questions about the right tan, which will help you save youth and beauty of the skin.

1.Do I need to protect the skin from the sun if I spend all day in the office?

Kate, 32 years old

If you are in the office all day, there is no need to apply a sunscreen. It is enough to use special serums to increase your immunity to UV rays. When selecting a summer cream, pay attention to its moisturizing ingredients and the presence of vitamins E and F. The first will protect the skin from free radicals and the harmful effects of ultraviolet, and the second will support its barrier function. And of course, you can use tonal tools – they already contain the physical factor SPF 15. They will provide you with the necessary protection.

2. What kind of SPF protection do I need?

Susan, 28 years old

The choice of protection degree depends on the genetically determined phototype of your skin and the time spent in the sun. According to the classification of the American dermatologist T. Fitzpatrick, there are six skin phototypes, and it is better to visit the dermatologist to clear it up. If you live in areas with few sunny days and come to a seaside resort, then you need to apply cream with a protective factor of at least SPF 40 on the face, neck and decollete skin. During the whole holiday, you apply it first two-three days. Then you should use cream with protection SPF 20 – SPF 6 depending on your skin phototype and the desired degree of sunburn.

3. How to properly sunbathe without harming the skin?

Valentina, 34 years old

You should sunbathe on the beach from 7:00 to 11:00 and from 16:00 to 18:00 – it’s a standard rule. Also, very important point is that it`s allowed to be under the sun no more than 15-30 minutes, the rest of the time it is better to be under the awning. In the morning and in the evening it is necessary to observe the following ritual: to clean the skin with special foams and tonics, which contain extracts of aloe vera, avocado oil, vitamins E, C, F, hyaluronic acid or other moisturizing factors. Next, use a solar sera to increase your immunity to UV radiation, moisturizing and nourishing creams for efficient recovery after sunbathing. Twice a week in the evening it is recommended to use masks for a deep moisturizing and shining of the skin.

I have a tattoo on my shoulder. Do I have to protect it from sunlight?

Naomi, 23 years old

A sunbathing with a tattoo is allowed, but there are specific rules. The first two weeks after packing the tattoo it’s forbidden to sunbathe at all. An ultraviolet can destroy pigmented skin cells, and tattoo colors can fade. In the first month after applying a tattoo, try to cover this part of the skin. After this period, you can safely sunbathe in the sun, using general recommendations about creams with SPF-factor.

I heard that it is not enough to apply a sunscreen only in the morning, it needs to be updated during the day. Do I have to do this?

Dora, 27 years old

The frequency of sunscreen application depends on the skin phototype and the selected factor SPF. For example, light skin, susceptible to burning, needs a repeated application of a protective cream every hour. Also, the protective cream should be applied again after swimming in the sea water or in a pool.