1. Anti-stress agent for sensitive face and neck – Soin Anti-Stress, Eisenberg

Created specifically for days when everything goes awry. It normalizes the skin and removes the effects of stress, making a face smooth and shining. It has a pleasant texture, which is convenient to apply, and contains bisabolol and caring oils – both soften and restore the skin.

2. Hand lotion Luxury, La Ric

The name of the product speaks for itself, and it is a real luxury. It’s a tool for moments when everything is annoying, and you want something special. The lotion is in a massive gold bottle, has a silky texture and smells like an exclusive niche perfume. The only thing that cannot be pleased – misunderstanding of how to open this luxury. Our recommendation: remove the golden arrow from the applicator and press the upper pump.

3. “Humidification + Comfort” mask, Garnier

If you in no mood, then it is unlikely you will mess with the application of the standard mask. Take the tissue mask- the least fuss with it. This mask from Garnier contains chamomile – a popular soothing ingredient for those who takes everything too close to the heart. After 15 minutes, it will remove redness from the skin and will make it more pleasant to touch. You will be more relaxed after all. We recommend to lay down with a mask for 15 minutes, at least.

4. Mask for hair and scalp “Doctor`s advice,” Lush

You can arrange a mini-spa with such a mask. Melt it in a cup of boiling water, then cool it a little bit. While it’s still warm, apply the mask on dry hair and a scalp (before washing). Enjoy the warmth and aromas of the mask for twenty minutes, while the clay, chamomile oil and three oils clean and calm down your skin and make your hair shining.

5. Scentsations Hand and Body Tangerine & Lemongrass Lotion, CND

This lotion is for those who don’t want daisies and lavender, but some kind of sharp and invigorating smell to get rid of stress. The aroma of mandarin and lemongrass is exactly what is needed! Apply it on hands or the entire body. The lotion is very light, instantly absorbed, it gives a fresh look and cares for the skin. It also contains vitamins A and E.