Who is prohibited from doing it?

Those who have skin diseases. If you have a slight temporary irritation or injury, do not touch this part of skin during massage. Doing massage with a wooden hair brush is contraindicated for people with varicose veins. Parts of the body where veins come out shouldn`t be touched. If you do not have varicose veins, but you know that you are inclined to such a problem, it is better to consult with a doctor before the procedure.

How to prepare for a massage?

The dry brush itself and the knowledge of the correct technique are all you need for good massage. Choose a “working tool” – the brush should be with natural bristles (then it will not scratch the skin) and it should be comfortable for you to keep it in hand. They are different degrees of rigidity: if you are a beginner, especially with sensitive skin, take a soft one.

How to do massage with a brush?

Massage your dry skin in the direction of movement of the lymph, from the bottom up. Begin with a foot, rub your skin with a brush (do not press firmly), massage stomach with light circular motions, hands – from fingers to shoulders. Do not forget about the back – you need to rub it in the direction from the waist to the neck. Finish the massage in a circular motion in the chest, do not touch your face. It is usually advised to rub one area until the skin gets a slightly noticeable pinkish hue. The massage of the whole body usually takes 7-10 minutes.

Very important!

Do not think that the harder you rub, the sooner cellulite and other imperfections will go away – it is a mistake. The massage session should in no case cause pain – only a pleasant sensation for the body. After the first massage, the skin may turn a little red. But if it seems to be pricked or itchy, if there are bruises, then you were too rude. Be especially careful while working in groin and chest areas. Be gentle with your body!

What to do after massage?

After that, drink a glass of water (with lemon) to help the body remove toxins, take a shower and apply your favorite body cream.